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Automate Payroll and HR management easily with TeamNest

Attendance, Leaves, Expenses, Payroll, Engagement, Timesheet, Roost, Helpdesk, Compliance in one platform

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Record your attendance via web punch-in with real time integration. Sync your biometric device with your account. Manage holiday calendars and weekly offs. Organize your shifts by using our roster management feature.

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Teamnest Attendance management system preview of employee attendance tracking


Create flexible leave policies based on Calendar year or Financial year. Easy interface to apply and approve leave requests - on the web and on the mobile. Encash accumulated leaves based on the company's leave policies. Seamless transfer to the New Leave year with Carry Forward leaves and opening balances as per company policy.

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Teamnest Leave management system app preview for leave request


Let your employees raise business and travel expense requests on the go. Upload receipts from the mobile phone and request for reimbursements. Create custom approval workflows easily. Track project expenses for budgeting.

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Teamnest Expense management system preview showing travel and business expense


Online ticketing platform to eliminate email queries and responses. It is a centralised solution to manage all employee and company interactions. Create ticket categories and assign owners for resolution. Track open issues and reduce response times to tickets.

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Teamnest Helpdesk Ticket Management System preview for employees


Online forum to connect with your co-workers. Share important updates, recognize achievements, promote healthy competition and increase productivity and team work. Create individual channels to discuss specific topics.

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Teamnest Employee engagement system app preview of sharing updates

Employee Self Service System

A single interface for all your employee related information and documents. Automated platform to reduce paperwork and keep information centralised for the Organisation. Approval workflow to manage changes to employee information.

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Teamnest Employee Self Service Platform preview to manage information

Online Payroll Processing

Run payroll anytime by yourself guided by our Payroll wizard. Create salary structures for your Organisation based on your employee benefits and policies. Use the attendance and leave records from TeamNest or import them from an alternate source. Compute Applicable Statutory Deductions based on employee earnings and tax related investments. Online access to payslips and tax computations for your employees.

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Payroll Screen


Easy-to-use task management system for your daily work and for collaborating with your team. Add tasks for yourself and your team members. Assign due dates, add notes and upload documents. Group your tasks in 'Buckets' to organise larger projects and milestones. Work together with your team to better manage your projects.

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Teamnest Expense management system preview showing travel and business expense

Compliance Calendar

Track Compliances for your Organisation with an easy-to-use Compliance Calendar. See what is due each month. Upload a copy of your Challans and other acknowledgements for each compliance and mark it as complete.

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Compliance Screen


Single data collection platform for all timesheet records. Track by clients, projects, or any other category. View productivity of each employee.

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Teamnest Expense management system preview showing travel and business expense

Why TeamNest as your HR and Payroll cloud?

Teamnest is a self signup cloud platform for managing your employees. Setting up is a breeze, you can set-up your Organisation and get going in a matter of minutes. While there are options available that provide various features separately, we offer a product that unites all the features on one platform. It is intuitive and simple to use for employees as well as HR heads. It is accessible on your desktop and your mobile while you are on the move. With powerful reporting features, you have access to data-driven insights for your Organisation.

Beautifully simple interface

Intuitive and easy to use platform with a seamless experience on web and mobile.

Highly configurable

Powerful, yet flexible features to implement your Organisation's structure and policies.

Industry standard security

Each Organisation has it's own tenanted workspace that ensures your data is private and protected with adequate security measures.

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