Track employee time on projects

Address employee concerns efficiently

Online ticketing platform to eliminate email queries and responses. It is a centralised solution to manage all employee and company interactions. Create ticket categories and assign owners for resolution. Track open issues and reduce response times to tickets.

No more email queries

Say goodbye to the age-old way of sending Email in regard to Employee queries and requirements that needs to be addressed on priority. Our Helpdesk system empowers the Employee to raise tickets under various categories for specific requirements.

Keep Track of open issues easily

Once a ticket is raised by an Employee for any queries in regard to any Department, he can directly keep a track on in the Ticket List.

Customisable issue categories

The various issue categories under the Helpdesk Head are entirely customizable as per your Organisational needs and requirements. Set up varied Helpdesk Heads that fit your requirements And set up Helpdesk Heads for the mentioned categories.

Our Features

Ticket-based issue tracker

The Tickets for specific requirements or issues can be submitted to the concerned department by the Employee.

Single window for all employee concerns

Be it a requirement pertaining to the Operation Department or the Human Resource, be it Marketing or the IT department, our Portal makes sure all your requirements are addressed in a single window.

Employee support on the go

The entire Helpdesk module can be quickly accessed by the Employees and Team Leaders in our compact Mobile App which ensures your requirements are addressed even on the go.

Custom categories assigned to owners

The customised categories for various issues ensures that Employees issues are addressed timely, and go through proper channels to the concerned department. The owners can work towards resolvance of the issue as per the priority.

Automatic assignment of tickets

All tickets raised by Employees gets assigned to the relevant Functional Head which ensures timely resolving of issues which ultimately increases Employee productivity making them feel more valued in the organisation.

Helpdesk Management FAQs.

No we do not have that facility currently, It will show a list of all the employees by default.

Yes, the Categories of Helpdesk Tickets is completely Customizable as per your company requirements which can be classified into different Departments.

The Supervisor/Manager can reassign or redirect the Ticket to a different Owner as per specific requirements.

When a category is added, it becomes available under Assign Owners. Click on Edit against any one category and select a member from your organisation who will be responsible for all tickets under this category. Similarly assign owners to all the categories in your list.

Yes, each time a Request is Raised in Helpdesk, the Owner gets notified.

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