Track employee time on projects

Track employee productivity remotely

Single data collection platform for all timesheet records. Track by clients, projects, or any other category. View productivity of each employee. This enables you to track the total amount of time invested by the employee in working on the assigned Task. Stay informed about the progress of the work done by the Employee, recorded work hours and the time spent everyday by the Employee on the ongoing Projects or Tasks he is working on.

One place to manage all projects

Our super efficient Timesheet is a real time saver and time tracker for easy management of devoted time by Employees.

Collaborate with team members

Easy way to record all your tasks and hours worked across diverse Projects in collaboration with Team members.

Productivity insights & reporting

The insight to number of hours worked on Project, List of all recorded Tasks, list of Buckets which collaborated together makes a Project helps the organisation maintain an updated report of all Projects that needs to be completed within deadline.

Our Features

One screen to manage your projects and view the progress.

The user-efficient Timesheet gives the Managers a single screen to have a bird eye view of all ongoing projects, time devoted by employees towards competition and overview to streamline the entire process.

Use 'Buckets' to group the related tasks into a project

Tasks can be segregated into different buckets. Related Buckets can further be aligned and grouped together to form into a Project.

Create sub-tasks and collaborate with team members

Related tasks can be subdivided into sub-tasks which team members can perform collectively towards completion in a more systematic way.

Assign completion date and owners for each task

Specific date can be assigned to Team Members and deadline can be set towards completion of each Task to deliver uncompromised productivity.

Team Members can add tasks, assign deadlines, attach notes and documents and can collaborate on multiple projects.

All the planned tasks created in the Task Manager, can be further classified into different buckets as per the priority, where you can easily set the deadlines for the competition of Projects, and add Team Members by assigning tasks. Buckets combined together can be formed into Projects that can be completed collaboratively or independently.

Timesheet Management FAQs.

Yes. To enable this, Go to Organisation Details settings and then to the Miscellaneous Section, under this scroll down to Timesheet section and select the option which you want your Employees to access.

You can use Buckets for this using this facility where you can set the expiry date for the buckets.

Tap on 'Timesheet' on your mobile app Dashboard. You will see the default Today view of Timesheet.

  • Tap on Week to switch to Weekly view.
  • Tap on the ‘Record Task’ button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Add your Timesheet record.
  • Your Timesheet is created.

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