The complete Expense Management System

Expense tracking and reimbursements at your fingertips

Let your employees raise business and travel expense requests on the go. Upload receipts from the mobile phone and request for reimbursements. Create custom approval workflows easily. Track project expenses for budgeting.

Record expenses on the go

Enter expense details on the app, take photos of receipts, and upload at your convenience

Manage all Business Expenses

The module comes with Travel and Business expenses out of the box. Create your own categories with these two to cover the expenses you need to record for your business

Customise approval workflows

Create an approval workflow that reflects your organisation rules for expense approvals. Setup more than one workflow to cover all possible expense approval workflows for your business

Employees can Track request and reimbursements easily

Once an Expense or Reimbursement request is raised by the Employee, he gets access to view and track the Request Status in our Expense Management System. The details of all Approved, Rejected, and Pending Reimbursement Requests can be tracked on one screen.

Team Leads can review and approve expense requests easily

Our super efficient Expense Management System enables the Supervisors and Team Leads a window to manage all Reimbursement Requests in one screen where they can Modify, Approve or Reject multiple Requests in one go.

Expense Reporting and Analytics for HR heads and Executives

Our highly accurate Expense Reporting System makes use of the current day's proficient HR Analytics to provide a Month-to-Month comparison of Expenses reimbursed in each category, a Summary of Pending and Approved Requests, and a number of reports in both Visual and Tabular Format.

Our Features

App-based expense tracking for reimbursements

Your one time solution to manage all Expenses and Reimbursement Requests.

Customised expense approval workflows

Easy to use Approval Workflow which can be defined in single or multi level Hierarchies to Approve or Reject the Expense Requests.

Track the GST component for the set-off

Keep track of GST component towards utilisation of cash and input tax credit towards payment.

Custom expense categories as per your business

The Categories of Expenses can be divided into varied categories like Business Expense, Travel Expense, Trip Expense, and Flexi Expense for different accounts of Expenses like travel, trip, food, etc incurred towards categories.

Custom re-imbursement approval workflows

With the liberty to define the desired type of Approval Workflow ie: Parallel hierarchy, Sequential Hierarchy, the Portal makes sure the Organisational Reimbursement Policy is taken care of.

Tax adjustment calculations for expense claims

The applicable Tax adjustments over categorised Expense heads ensures your organisational Tax Compliance is maintained.

Expenses Management FAQs.

Your Organisational Expenses like Food, Accommodation, Outstation Tours,Raw Materials can be categorised into different heads such as;- Business Expense, Trip Expense, Flexi Expense and Local Travel expense.

To upload Bills and Receipts you can go the Employee Section-Expenses-Add Expense (Specify the Expense category such as Business Expense/Local Travel Expense/Trip Expense/Flexi expense)-Click on ‘Choose File’ option in Upload Supporting Documents Receipts section.

Yes, the Employee can mention the Mode of Payment and the Type of currency used while raising the Expense Request.

As most of the features in the Portal are customizable as per your requirement,n case your company does not have Expense Policy, the particular Module can be disabled for your domain in the Portal.

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