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Simplify the employee departure process with the exit management module. This centralized workflow helps ensure a smooth, reliable, and safe process for offboarding employees from your organization. We cover documentation checks, custom workflows, and full and final settlements for a seamless transition of departing employees.

Centralised Dashboard

Customize your Notice Period applicable to Trainees, Probationers, and Confirmed Employees. Setup offboarding tasks, and the expected timeline towards completion as applicable according to the Master Policy.

Exit Grid

Get a bird's eye view of the various stages of the Employee exit process such as Employee Resignation Reason, Date of Relieving as per Policy, Offboarding Tasks completion status, and Full and Final Settlement Status. Experience a stress-free offboarding process with the Exit Grid.

Complete every step

Seamlessly manage exit-related tasks in the Onboarding & Exit Policy section. Simplify paperwork woes by effortlessly generating Termination and Relieving Letters through the Utilities Module, streamlining the departure journey.

Our Features

Rev up your offboarding process bidding adieu to complications—it's time for a smooth ride ahead!

Offboarding Setup Simplified

Simplify the departure process by effortlessly defining and managing offboarding tasks for employees minimizing paperwork. From revoking company assets to ensuring seamless communication, and knowledge transfer across departments, customize tasks for a smooth exit.

Efficient Approval Workflow Management

Develop a meticulously structured approval process specifically designed for offboarding. Ensure a streamlined path for approvals, making the transition smoother for departing employees.

Use of checklists to monitor the Offboarding

Keep a close eye on exit progress and status changes through a centralized system. Easily monitor the offboarding journey, ensuring every step is completed seamlessly from the Exit Grid.

Full and Final Settlement Processing

Simplify the process of F&F settlements. Ensure all necessary formalities and tasks are addressed promptly, providing departing employees with a hassle-free exit experience.

Resignation Initiation with Ease

Enable employees, as per company policy, to initiate their resignations effortlessly. A simple process facilitates the start of their departure journey.

Seamless Transition Post-Approval

After receiving HR/Admin approval, employees can smoothly transition through the notice period. This streamlined process ensures a comfortable exit for departing employees.

Exit Management FAQs.

Employee offboarding refers to the structured process and predefined set of actions taken at the time of employee exit from a company, which involves tasks such as access revocation, asset retrieval, knowledge transfer, and formalizing their departure to ensure a smooth transition out of the organization.

Employee offboarding begins when a specific employee initiates the resignation process or when the employer is formally notified of the employee's intent to leave the company; triggering the commencement of the offboarding procedures and tasks.

Yes, offboarding processes can be completely or partially automated using software or systems designed to handle tasks like asset retrieval, access revocation, documentation, and exit interviews. Automation streamlines and expedites the offboarding process, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Offboarding is vital to ensure a smooth transition for the departing employee, maintains security by managing access and assets, preserves institutional knowledge through proper knowledge transfer, and upholds a positive employer brand by leaving a lasting impression on the departing employees. It also aids in compliance and helps in analyzing reasons for turnover to improve employee retention strategies.

Offboarding involves planning and assigning employee exit-related tasks, revoking access, transferring knowledge, conducting exit interviews, and finalizing paperwork for a seamless departure and transition.

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