Centralized platform to onboard candidates

New Joinee onboarding, simplified

Now the complete process of Onboarding Candidates is hassle-free with the TeamNest Candidate Grid. The entire Employee Onboarding process can be easily configured. The various steps and documentation such as the Date of Joining, Recruitment Method, Issuing of Offer Letter, Background Check Information, Appointment Letter, and Probation Period that are mandatory before the candidate Onboarding can be predefined.

Bid adieu to Manual data entry

The complete Hiring process and Employee management are simplified eliminating the cumbersome manual data entry process which in turn provides a satisfactory candidate experience.

Make the new hires feel more connected

With clarity and transparency of the onboarding process, where the Employee gets to update the necessary checklists through a single window prior to Joining makes him feel more connected with the Organization.

Paperwork is taken care of

Say goodbye to the age-old practice of complex paperwork that is involved in hiring a new hire. All paperwork and documentation like Background check information of the Employee, and mandatory documentation that is required to be uploaded before Joining, the Offer Letter, and The Appointment Letter can be maintained in a single window.

Our Features

Convert Candidates to Employees

Once the predefined tasks are completed for Onboarding the candidate to the Portal, you can mark the Candidate as Confirmed with just a single click to convert the status of the successful hire into an Employee. His details get updated to the Employee Grid enabling him the defined rights and accesses.

Use of checklists to monitor the Onboarding process

With a list of tasks that can be preassigned prior to migrating the Employee from Candidate Grid to Employee Grid, which can be set with a deadline towards the completion for the same, our Onboarding Module keeps HR Managers in total charge of the hassle-free Onboarding process.

Get Candidate details in a single click

The Onboarding Module empowers the HR Managers with a one-click access to the complete Candidates' data where vital information like Background verification data, Offer Letters, Appointment Letters and various Onboarding Tasks can be uploaded and monitored.

The power of Roost Integrated Onboarding Module

The unique feature of the Roost Integrated Onboarding module is truly a lifesaver for hiring Managers. Gone are the days when you had to worry about the competition deadline of different tasks. Now with the Roost integrated Onboarding Module, keep track of all Onboarding deadlines at your fingertips.

Onboarding FAQs.

Employee Onboarding is the process of equipping new hires with the skills, tools, and knowledge they need, relating to their role and helping them adjust faster and more seamlessly.

The onboarding starts right after the Recruitment phase, the selected candidate details get onboarded to the Company HRMS database.

Yes, all the paperwork and documents that an employee onboarding process involves are taken care of using this Module where the HR can easily share various documents i.e., an Offer Letter, Appointment Letter with the Employee.

No, currently we don’t have such a facility at our end.

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