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For water cooler conversations together

Online forum to connect with your co-workers. Share important updates, recognize achievements, promote healthy competition and increase productivity and teamwork. Create individual channels to discuss specific topics.

Our Features

Social platform @ work

Who says the workplace can not be fun ! Our Employee Engagement Module ensures the Employees can socialise within the workplace.

Share updates with your team

Update your accomplishments, updates and information with your entire Team in a single window.

Encourage Appreciation, Recognition and Rewards

Like we all say, Employees who are Appreciated, Encouraged , Recognized and Rewarded for their endeavours and performance, tend to perform better and deliver more productivity.

Group based discussion channels

Just as we communicate in socialising platforms, Employees can discuss pertaining issues, their solutions and share ideas within various multifaceted discussion channels.

Like and comment interactions

Teams can like, comment and share feedback on each other's posts and shared media.

Ability to moderate feed

The Portal gives the Administrator the access and ability to moderate the feed as per certain set standards to avoid organizational hostility by the option to eliminate the content or posts that create controversies.

Engagement Management FAQs.

Yes, the Admin can moderate the feed as per the Company standards.

With features that enables the Employee to Create posts, Comment on Topics and Coordinate with Team Members in a single platform and the power to share views, recognitions from the entire Team makes our Employee Engagement Platform stand among the rest.

No, currently we do not have the facility.

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