End-to-end Payroll Automation

Collaborate your tasks and teams effortlessly

Easy-to-use task management system for your daily work and for collaborating with your team. Add tasks for yourself and your team members. Assign due dates, add notes and upload documents. Group your tasks in 'Buckets' to organise larger projects and milestones. Work together with your team to better manage your projects.

One place to manage all projects

In our unique Task Management System called Roost, you can easily plan, manage and keep a track of the pending tasks which can be segregated as per priority and classified into different buckets.

Collaborate with team members

The easy-to-use Task manager efficiently manages all your collaboration with the Team members to work in alignment towards completion of assigned Tasks and Projects.

Productivity insights & reporting

The tasks and sub-tasks aligned together ensure the desired productivity is derived from the team and the end result is delivered within the specified time.

Our Features

Manage all your projects in one place .

Our user-friendly Task Manager provides a single screen to simultaneously manage multiple tasks and monitor its process by segregating it into different buckets.

Use 'Buckets' to group the related tasks into a project

All connected tasks can be classified into various Buckets. The Task Manager makes sure the Buckets can be compiled together to form a Project.

Create sub tasks and collaborate with team members

With an option to create sub tasks under various buckets and flexibility of Team collaboration, our efficient Task Manager truly enables you to multitask to work towards successfully meeting the Project deadlines.

Assign completion date and owners for each task

This easy-to-use Task Manager enables each individual Team member to add tasks, assign dates for the completion of the task and assign its priority. It also reflects the list of all overdue tasks in a single screen that needs to be completed on priority.

Task Management FAQs.

Currently, we do not allow one task to be assigned to multiple persons, but you can always clone the task and assign it to another Employee.

While creating the Task, you can turn on Recurring Task Option, Select the frequency. After that under one Task multiple Sub Tasks will be created until Due Date with different Due Dates, which can be marked as completed once the assigned Task is finished.

Yes, Sub Task can be assigned to any other Employee, with a Due Date towards the completion of the same.

To Assign Tasks to Employees, You have to enable the rights from Admin Section- Organisation- Organisation Details—Miscellaneous—Click on Roost–-Bucket Reportee to all–-check the box.

Yes, New Employees can be onboarded to the Portal using the mentioned steps:Admin Section–Candidate Grid–Add New Candidate.

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