The complete attendance management system

Time and Location tracking anytime, anywhere

TeamNest has everything you need to track employee time in one package. Creating customised attendance policies, managing remote and physical attendance, location-based punch-ins, roster management, tracking over-time and more.

Punch-in, managed

App and web-based punch-in backed by powerful rule sets.
Geolocation capability and biometric integration restrict occurrences of Buddy punching, ensures Employee efficiency and productivity.

Working hours, managed

Easily create working hours, shifts, overtime rules, and rosters to match your needs. With access to real-time integrated working hours data, TeamNest makes sure Punctuality and Productivity are delivered by Employees. Accurate tracking of working hours makes exact wage calculation easier.

Insights, delivered

Real-time data integration with Powerful Excel and Visual Reports helps HR Managers to keep track of Average In Time, OutTime, Deficit Working Hours, Summary of Days Present, Absent, and Leaves Taken for the Month with a Birds Eye View to Punch In and Punch Out trends with our Visual Attendance Heatmap.

Attendance made easy for Employees

Mobile app and Biometrics integration make punch-in easy. Daily reminder notifications and easy regularisation interfaces on the app

Automation for Reporting managers

Configure complex approval hierarchies and unlock the power automate workflows to save time and effort for approvals

Analytics for HR Heads and Executives

Our HR experts have devised visual reports and Excel templates that give you real-time access to attendance data, and shed light on unique metrics to enable decision making

Our Features

Default Policies

Basic policies that cover typical attendance rules available out-of-the-box.

Powerful Policy Builder

Need flexibility? Create attendance multiple customised rulesets and apply them easily to every employee. With an option to set multiple Attendance configurations, the Portal gives you flexibility to define different attendance rules as per the applicability.

Round-off Rules

The option to Round-off Employee working hours makes it super efficient to make Payroll Calculation easier. The rounding rule assists the organization in positively affecting the complete workflow from Employees to Management and beyond.

Automate Approvals

With an aim to ensure Employee satisfaction and reduce HR workload to approve raised requests manually, our Automated Approvals enhance transparency by speeding up the overall process. Standardized and streamlined approval workflows save time.

Geolocation and IP rules

Our Geofencing with automated attendance tracking ensures transparency in the overall Attendance Management Process to ensure employee productivity is tracked on a real time basis. With IP Based restriction incorporated inside, our product ensures Login access is restricted to the servers with specific IPs.

Biometric Integration

As your Biometric devices can be integrated seamlessly into the Portal, the feature enables the Portal to receive the attendance alert, monitor and record the data from the Portal.

Shift Configuration

The powerful shift configuration feature in Attendance Management enables you to create and modify multiple shifts as per its applicability to Employees. The flexibility to set Shift rules as per Start time , End Time or as per Working hours makes it super efficient to meet dynamic organisational needs.

Overtime Rules

Your calculation of the Overtime Policy in the Organisation is taken care of by the flexibility to define rules as per Daily, Weekly, or Calculation by Pay Period option which can be compensated in Comp Off or Encashment as per your company policy.

Notes and Call-outs?

The option to add Notes while marking the attendance through Punch In enables the Employee to submit necessary notes regarding the Client visits, and location details which can get the managers and Supervisors updated regarding the Employee’s productivity.

Holiday and Weekly-offs

Configure the Holiday Calendar and Weekly-Off Rules as per your Organisational Holiday Policy with an option to create multiple Holiday Calendars and weekly Off Policies as per the applicability.

Payroll Integration

The integration of the Attendance and Payroll Management operation enhances the efficacy of the entire maneuver of HR ensuring less time consumption in Payroll Processing, Timely wage payments, Fewer paperwork and enhanced Employee satisfaction.

Reports and Insights

One single screen to get the details of Employees' attendance wheel, the daily log details for In Time, Out Time, In Location, Out Location, Working Hours Details, Rosters enables the HR Managers and Supervisors to keep a birds eye view of the Employee’s productivity.

Attendance Management FAQs.

To enable this you can go to the Shift Setting, and turn on "Allow notes for Punch-In / Punch-Out", after this Employee will be able to enter the notes. Also, you need to create the type of note that the Employee can enter and the Employee will be able to select any of them and enter the comments.

Yes, In your Attendance Policy, go to Restriction Rules, and turn on "Enable restriction for Mobile App Login" and enter the number devices from which Employees can Login.

As our software helps to encrypt the user credentials of all employees ,this sort of protection helps to keep the data highly secure and protected against all digital threats.

An Automated Attendance System will capture your Employees' attendance using Mobile apps, Desktop applications, Biometric devices, Facial Recognition devices, etc.

Yes, with our Geo Fencing and IP Restriction feature you are always in control of when Employees get access to the Portal.

Yes, In your Attendance Policy, Select the Attendance Mode through which you want your Employees to mark attendance, after that he/she will be allowed to login only through the selected mode of Attendance.

Yes, The Attendance Management System can be integrated with Payroll.

Yes, your Weekly and Monthly Roster can be managed in TeamNest.

Yes, Overtime can be tracked in Daily, Weekly,Pay Period basis.

Yes, With Geo Fencing and IP Restriction features you can get updates about the Employee’s location.

Yes, Biometric Devices can be integrated with the TeamNest portal. Most of our clients use eSSL or Smart Office devices. Both are popular brands for biometric devices.

Multiple Employees can be added in the Portal following the mentioned steps: Admin Section-Employee Grid-Add New Employee - Bulk Add/Update Option.

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